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Friday, April 1st

Artifacts and Documents from the Bosnian War

Bosnia Memory Project, Fontbonne University

Two sidebar exhibits in conjunction with Survival in Sarajevo.

Survival in Sarajevo: Jews, Muslims, Serbs, and Croats Working Together During the Bosnian War 1992-1995

Fontbonne University
Holocaust Museum and Learning Center
University of Missouri-St. Louis
St. Louis Rabbinical Association
Congregation Neve Shalom
Bosnian Chamber of Commerce
Sabah Newspaper
KETC Channel 9

Fontbonne University, Fine Arts Gallery

The premier showing of the exhibit Survival in Sarajevo: Jews, Muslims, Serbs, and Croats Working Together During the Bosnian War 1992-1995.

7:00 PM

After Prijedor: A Panel Discussion

Edin Ramulić
Ed Vulliamy

Mehlville High School Library

7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

A panel discussion featuring Edin Ramulic and Ed Vulliamy. Moderated by Ben Moore.

Special thanks to Amir Karadzic, Patrick McCarthy, Barbara Nwacha, and Lucy Allen.

Tuesday, April 26th
5:00 PM

Bosnia after Genocide: Reckoning with the Destruction of Prijedor

Edin Ramulić
Ed Vulliamy

Fontbonne University, Lewis Room

5:00 PM

Edin Ramulić, president of the Bosnian advocacy organization Izvor, and Ed Vulliamy, a noted journalist who covered the Bosnian genocide and who continues to advocate for survivors, address the wartime destruction of Prijedor and its aftermath.

  • 5-6 pm, Reception (Anheuser-Busch Hall, north end of second floor hallway)
  • 6:30 pm, Presentation by Edin Ramulic and Ed Vulliamy (Lewis Auditorium, lower level of the Jack C. Taylor Library)

The exhibit Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide will be on display in the south end of the hall.

Monday, August 22nd

Free Fallin'

Jesenko Kurbasic

Fontbonne University, Fine Arts Gallery

An exhibition of the work of Bosnian-American artist Jesenko Kurbasic.

Saturday, September 17th
7:00 PM

AlmaNova: A Benefit Concert

Almer Imamovic
Jessica Pierce

Fontbonne University, Doerr Chapel

7:00 PM

A live concert by the Bosnian-American guitar-flute duo AlmaNova, Almer Imamovic and Jessica Pierce.

Sunday, September 25th
2:00 PM

I Came to Testify | Women, War & Peace

Pamela Hogan

Fontbonne University, Lewis Room

2:00 PM

A pre-broadcast screening of the film followed by a conversation with producer Pamela Hogan.

Monday, November 21st
12:00 PM

Shards: A Reading

Ismet Prcić

Fontbonne University, Lewis Room

12:00 PM

A reading by Ismet Prcić from his debut novel Shards. Followed by a question-and-answer session with the author.