Physical Collections

The Center for Bosnian Studies is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to materials that document the history and culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian diaspora. The Center preserves rare books, manuscripts, letters, artifacts, and ephemera that are at risk of being lost or whose contexts and significance are at risk of being forgotten. Some items that typify the scope and purpose of the collection include:

  • Knjiga Fotografija [Book of Photographs] – the two-volume Book of Belongings depicts personal items found in mass graves;
  • Letters written in concentration camps;
  • Programs and flyers from political and cultural events in St. Louis;
  • Scholarly, journalistic, and popular publications about Bosnia that are difficult to find in the U.S.

The Center’s archival collection also includes complete or nearly complete runs of DijasporaBošnjačka (2004-2009), PlimaMagazin (1997-2000), and SabaH (1997-2014).

In addition to a large circulating collection of secondary sources, highlights include:

You can view the complete list HERE.

Acquisition, digitization, and cataloguing of items in the collection are ongoing. If you have items you would like to contribute, please contact the Center.