For the Common Good

Welcome to GriffinShare, the institutional repository (IR) of Fontbonne University. GriffinShare provides a digital space where we can promote and preserve the scholarly, creative, and historical works of the Fontbonne community, both past and present. We bring these collections together to provide enduring access to a variety of materials, including faculty and student scholarship, creative works, open-access resources, and items from University Archives & Special Collections, thus preserving Fontbonne’s rich history and vibrant traditions for future generations.

GriffinShare serves the mission of Taylor Library and Fontbonne University by promoting student and faculty research, interdisciplinary projects, cross-departmental collaboration, and creative exchange. As an IR, GriffinShare supports the discovery, sharing, and preservation of the intellectual and creative work of the campus community, increasing visibility, and maximizing its impact.

Search-engine optimization makes the content highly discoverable, which provides local and global communities with immediate and permanent access to the diverse collections. We hope that our commitment to open access and open exchange will inspire new partnerships and opportunities that will help attract, retain, and support Fontbonne students for generations to come.

The materials presented here were (mostly) produced by and for students, faculty, and staff of Fontbonne University community (formerly Fontbonne College). GriffinShare supports open access and free, unrestricted discovery of all of its materials and seeks to include diverse voices and perspectives.

GriffinShare is a service of Fontbonne University Archives & Special Collections. Please direct questions about content or submissions to or call us at 314-889-1417.