The Center for Bosnian Studies sponsors college-level, interdisciplinary courses about Bosnia at Fontbonne University and at area high schools having large Bosnian populations. Students participate in the Center’s cultural documentation projects while studying relevant literary, historical, and cultural contexts. Student work, including oral histories, becomes part of the center’s growing archive of primary sources. Through innovative pedagogy, these courses foster trans-cultural and trans-generational dialogue while disseminating understanding of Bosnia, the Bosnian genocide, and the Bosnian diaspora.

Fontbonne University’s undergraduate course on Bosnia was first taught in 2007, when student work became part of the multi-media exhibit Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide. The course was first taught at Affton High School as a dual-credit course in 2013 and more recently at Oakville High School and Mehlville High School. Over the years, the course has been updated to reflect recent history, such as trial proceedings at the Hague, and the increased availability of books, films, and other materials. A sample syllabus is available below.