Center for Bosnian Studies



The Center for Bosnian Studies is a historical and cultural preservation initiative at Fontbonne University directed at establishing an enduring record of the experiences of Bosnian genocide survivors and their families. It is especially focused on those living in metropolitan St. Louis, which is currently the largest Bosnian population outside Bosnia, estimated at 60,000.

The Center began as the Bosnia Memory Project in 2006 and was renamed the Center for Bosnian Studies to reflect its increasing role as a hub of knowledge and resources on Bosnia. Part of the College of Arts and Sciences at Fontbonne University, it preserves stories and artifacts from the Bosnian war and genocide, through an oral history project, special collections with many rare items, and a growing digital collections of unique resources on Bosnia and its diaspora. The Center for Bosnian Studies also hosts events to raise awareness about Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian diaspora, and participates in research endeavors focused on Bosnia.

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