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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


College of Arts & Sciences


Fine Arts

First Advisor

Frances Troemel


etched, plate, screen printing, halftone, drawing, printing, negatives


The purpose of this study was the production of a better yearbook. Since the yearbook developed the thesis, the thesis enriched the yearbook. To produce a finer yearbook the editor obtained from this study the ability to talk the engraver's language and so gave him close and full instructions which insured not only good reproductive results but also saved disappointment, time and needless expense. The author looked into the various aspects of what goes into the making of a yearbook, investigating the principle of photoengraving, line engraving, and color engraving. This research carried on from the idea to the layout and on to the reproduction of that idea in a finished proof. Text book material was turned into reality by means of a visit to a local engraving plant. The practical knowledge gained from this visit was to make the carrying out of this thesis a more concrete and stable undertaking.

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Restricted Thesis


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