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Interest in improving R&D productivity stemmed originally from concern that a company's R&D organization has not been contributing its share. Operationally, this concern has been expressed in terms of three questions: Is the R&D organization doing the right R&D? Is the R&D being used? Is the R&D utilizing its resources (people, dollars) efficiently and effectively?

To get these questions answered in the affirmative, R&D managers have to take the initiative in resolving the institutional, managerial and motivational barriers to R&D productivity. Higher quality technical work alone is not going to provide the answers, solutions to productivity improvement problems are more likely to be found in the field of management of technology. Of particular importance are the following six aspects of the R&D operations: 1) understanding the reasons why R&D fails to excel; 2) effective linkage of R&D with,overall corporate strategy; 3) effective linkage of R&D with business needs (marketing, manufacturing, etc.); 4) understanding productivity improvement strategies; 5) choosing and implementing appropriate productivity improvement strategies; 6) effective allocation of R&D resources.

Research laboratories need to develop innovative ideas and new technology, to be sure. But the process of going from useful idea to marketable product require efficient management of technology with due consideration to the efficiency of the innovation process.

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