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Business Administration


Manufacturing, Costs, Department of Defense, Government Contracting, Market Analysis, Business, Cost Based Analysis


This thesis provides a methodology for Strategic Cost Analysis for manufacturers, with an emphasis to the Department of Defense environment. I begin by giving a broad overview of the history of strategy, from it's military beginnings, to the pioneers of adapting those military strategy principles to the business environment.

Strategic Cost Analysis takes the business principles of strategy further into a competitive market analysis. The logic for this is that to be competitive, a firm must know what it's competitors are doing, how they're doing it and why. To do this analysis, I define the principle of the Value Chain: what it is, the purpose, how it works and why.

Because this thesis is geared toward the Department of Defense environment, I have included a chapter in how the Government effects business and how business can effect Government. This is especially important in the defense environment, because of the abnormal (as compared to most industries) Government requirements and intervention. No other industry is as dependent on our Government and it is an that effects so many people. industry

The last chapter discusses how to implement your strategy and utilize a cost based analysis. This chapter guides you to what you should analyze and why, the importance of accuracy and understanding the information that is available.

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