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Religious Studies

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Spring 4-28-2022

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Religious Studies


A website to help cultivate a welcoming church environment for individuals with disabilities.

Everyone knows the Golden Rule - the idea to treat others as you would like to be treated. Who exemplified this better than Jesus Christ Himself? He invited sinners, tax collectors, and people with disabilities to his table. The Golden Rule Project hopes to reignite the welcoming environment of the church so that all are treated with love and respect and every person feels a part of the Church.

The goal of The Golden Rule Project is a simple one: to encourage Catholic parishes to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people, especially individuals with disabilities.

Here you will find helpful videos, quick tips, pamphlets to help educate your parish on ways to be more welcoming and inclusive.


Megan Concagh is a religious studies major. She presented on The Golden Rule Project, a website she developed that provides resources to the archdiocese on how to support members of the church community with disabilities. Having cerebral palsy herself, Megan started to notice that inclusive services for the disabled in local Catholic Churches was either lacking in resources or nonexistent. Megan’s goal is to create a welcoming environment for people with disabilities in the church. She has already been successful in creating a resources hub with simple and accessible tools for churches to use to be more inclusive. The Golden Rule Project is also a place for people with disabilities to share their stories, as well as a great educational tool concerning disability and inclusion.

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