2020 Academic Exhibition


Best Graphing Software for the High School Classroom

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Kathleen Roy


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Secondary Mathematics

Publication Date

Spring 2020

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Audio Presentation




In this presentation, there will be a comparison of a variety of online mathematics processors. These processors include Maplesoft, Geogebra, and SageMath. The presentation will dive into the history of each software and how each is used to graph three-dimensional shapes. The main goal of this research is to show how each processor can be used by students at all levels by seeing a visual representation of three-dimensional objects. This presentation focuses on graphing three-dimensional shapes and seeing how they can interact with other generated three-dimensional shapes. Instructions will be given on how to graph three-dimensional objects in each software. At the end of this research, teachers will be able to use these findings to create their own geometry lesson plans for students in their classrooms.

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