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The Advocacy Builders Project aims to illuminate systems and demystify advocacy utilizing the framework of social determinants of health to explore systems and to demonstrate interdependence of racist, sexist, and classist systems.

By developing their ability to envision each of these systems (healthcare, education, economic stability, and neighborhood and built environment) individually AND as they intersect and reinforce each other, individuals can channel their energy, resources, and power into meaningful actions.

Publication Date

Summer 2023


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


Community-Based Learning | Inequality and Stratification | Race and Ethnicity


Every Unit has three sections of content synthesized from curated resources.

Each section includes the following components:

A Closer Look provides insight into how the outlined social determinant of health and overlapping social identities of race, gender, and class work together to oppress, dominate, or discriminate while allowing privilege to other identities.

Disparate Outcomes discusses the disproportionate harmful impacts on historically marginalized groups caused by policies or practices.

Engagement Guide is a framework to extend learning and understanding:

Reflection encourages participants to consider possible problems and solutions to systemic oppression by reflecting on their own roles and responsibilities within the systems themselves.Family Discussion is an opportunity to connect the learning with adult family members in an accessible and meaningful way.

Group Discussionis a deeper dive into the given subsection to provide rich discussion opportunities with fellow Advocacy Builder Project learners.

Explore More is a list of resources you can listen to, read, or watch to further grow your understanding of the topic.

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