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My name is Nathan Celestine. I was initially a pre-law student at Fontbonne, then history, then history & secondary education, and finally back to history. From that alone, it is obvious that my process of discovering who I was, who I want to be, and what I want to do has been one of uncertainty. In fact, that feels like an understatement; I was stumbling about in that obscurity to slowly begin to see and understand more, ironing out the details and setting out on what finally feels like a definite direction. I was initially unsure of where I wanted to go for college (and what I wanted to do besides) because I had seen it as the pathway to graduate school, and being interested in law, there is essentially endless variety of studies that you might work towards and still progress to the legal field. I decided upon Fontbonne mostly because of its proximity and size: I didn’t know at the time of my application that the peers and instructors that I would meet would be some of the most truly incredible people I know, and that during my time here I will have had some of the best memories and experiences, both educational and personal, of my life. The previous four years have been not only significantly determinant for myself as a student, but in forming relationships with diverse and unique people with even more fascinating perspectives.


History, Philosophy, and Religion

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Spring 2021


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO

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