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Our reading this month was suggested by Jamie Daugherty in the Family & Consumer Sciences department.

The prevalence of food insecurity on campuses across the U.S. has continued to increase in the past 10 years. More data is being collected and resources offered to help students with a variety of basic needs - including food. The financial costs of attending college, as well as the changing demographic of the student attending college impact additional support services that students need including food assistance, housing, transportation, and additional wrap-around services such as assistance with insurance, health care, and career development.

This chapter - "Amarillo College" from Food Insecurity on Campus: Action and Intervention - allows the reader to gain understanding of how one college adapts a culture of caring to support their students from enrollment to graduation.

It can be difficult to think about a basic need - such as food - being something our students, friends or colleagues may not have access to on a daily or monthly basis.

We often take the meals, snacks and time around the table for granted. As I began to study and navigate the topic of food insecurity I realized as a doctoral student and faculty member I could do more.

At Fontbonne where we strive to live out the mission of helping the dear neighbor, it came as no surprise that opening a food pantry (now Griffin Market) would help benefit some of our own community.

My research and time in the space, understanding this topic and learning about how others have addressed this on their campus allowed an opportunity to take action. Along with a group of students, the Market was born in East 109. It has served over 100 Fontbonne community members since Nov. 2018!

- Jamie Daugherty


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