Sodality: Reading for Change

Sodality: Reading for Change


The Sodality Blog

Sodality was conceived during the summer of 2020 by employees from the Library and Academic Support Services to fill a perceived gap in DEI efforts on campus. In light of positive changes in the years since, it was officially retired and archived to GriffinShare in the Fall of 2022.

From the original series:

A sodality is a community with a purpose and task. Our purpose through this blog is to move forward together for a more inclusive Fontbonne. Our task is reading and conversation. Each month, we’ll be posting here in hopes of sparking not just discussion on campus, but real change. These posts will be about supporting marginalized communities, recognizing and responding to bias, and working for justice for the Dear Neighbor.

With each post, you can use these questions to get started:

  • In what ways does this issue manifest itself here at Fontbonne?
  • Are there suggestions or solutions provided here that might translate well to our own community?
  • How might we implement solutions right here and now?

We hope this blog will provide a safe space for reflection and discussion. We encourage you to make comments and respond to comments from others. Please remember to keep our conversation respectful and winsome. Anonymous comments are welcome but do consider how transparency encourages freer discussion. Fontbonne students, faculty, staff, and board members are all invited to join this sodality.



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