IPEI: 2020 Scholars

IPEI 2020: Allison Heideman


IPEI 2020: Allison Heideman




MS, Speech Language Pathology | Fontbonne University


BS, Communication Disorders | University of Central Missouri


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


My career choice has always been driven by my love for helping people. I have always known that I need to be in a place where my skills will be put to great use by making sure families have the resources and answers they need, as well as a person they know they can rely on for answers. My favorite thing about this program is that it allowed me to bring two of my passions together; the deaf and hard of hearing population, as well as family-centered early intervention. The close-knit team of my peers and professionals will allow me to pursue my passion with this population. I hope that the IPEI project will bring me the opportunities to have access to resources to expand my knowledge within my field and allow me to be the best therapist I am capable of.

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IPEI 2020: Allison Heideman