IPEI: 2018 Scholars

IPEI 2018: Madisen Breunig


IPEI 2018: Madisen Breunig



Speech-Language Pathology, MS

Communication Sciences and Disorders, BS | Saint Louis University


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO



I have always known that I was meant to work with children. At first, I was interested in becoming a special education teacher, but then my cousin was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. As I watched my cousin, who was a toddler at the time, receive amplification followed by intense, specialized intervention, I saw his personality and family relationships flourish— and we owed it all to his team of professionals, which included speech-language pathologists. When I saw my cousin’s transformation and how it impacted our family, I knew that I wanted to be part of that journey for other families. Choosing Fontbonne to help me achieve this dream was the best decision I could have made. Our program is one of the few in the country that allows me to specialize in my interests, namely early intervention and hearing loss, while still providing me with well-rounded education and clinical experiences in all areas of speech-language pathology. No matter what population I end up working with in the future, I know that Fontbonne has prepared me to excel.

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IPEI 2018: Madisen Breunig