The Font Student Newspaper, 1926-1968

Published between October 1926 and May 1968, The Font takes us on a fascinating journey through more than forty years of Fontbonne history. You can browse or search issues for glimpses into myriad aspects of campus life over the years.

Explore academic, social, and political changes across five decades. Track trends in fashion, drama, art, and local advertising. Follow regular features like ''The Swivel Chair' and Vox Studenti. Enjoy the oddities and humor of 'Cry Havoc' and 'Freeda Fontbonne'. Or simply sit back and be inspired by the intelligence and whimsy of this evolving group of amazing writers and editors.

At least one issue was published each year with the following exceptions: 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1950.

Digitizing The Font

In 2009, the Fontbonne University Archives received a grant from the Fontbonne Community Connection (FCC) to digitize the 1926-1946 issues of The Font. The FCC is a women's giving circle that funds projects proposed by Fontbonne staff, faculty, students, and student organizations. The grant proposals are a compilation of goals and dreams that are a priority but are beyond the scope of a current year's budget.

In 2011, the Archives received an additional grant from FCC to digitize the 1946-1963 issues of The Font and index all issues from 1926 through 1963.

In 2013, the Archives received a third grant from the FCC to complete this project, which resulted in the digitization of the final issues (1963-1968). This FCC grant also included indexing of the last five years. The entire run of The Font is now accessible for future generations, and we cannot thank the FCC enough for making this dream a reality and for recognizing the value in preserving this important part of Fontbonne’s history.

Thank you FCC – we are so grateful for your generous support!

N.B. The items in these collections reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Neither the library nor the university endorses the views expressed in these collections, some of which may contain materials offensive to some readers. If you have questions or concerns about anything in the repository, please contact us: / 314-889-1417.


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