Publications from 2020


Preparing to Teach, Committing to Learn: An Introduction to Educating Children Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Susan Lenihan, Jenna Voss, Ellie White, and Dan Salvucci


Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Families Experiencing Adversity: The Role of the Auditory-Verbal Practitioner, Jenna Voss and Susan Lenihan

Publications from 2015

Small Talk: Bringing Listening and Spoken Language to Your Young Child with Hearing Loss, Jenna Voss and Ellen White

Publications from 2014


Effect of Retrieval Practice on Applied Knowledge: Evidence from a Professional Training Program, Jenna M. Voss | Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

Publications from 2013


Fontbonne Deaf Education Program 50 Year Timeline, Susan Lenihan

Publications from 1998


Communicative Interactions Between Mothers and Children with Cochlear Implants, Susan T. Lenihan | Communication Disorders and Deaf Education