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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


Computer-Based Systems, IT, Information Systems, Business, New Technology, Operations


In the past, computer-based systems were simply tools that offer a better method to collect and store data, process business transactions with great speed and accuracy, and increase productivity. Today, these tools are ceaselessly developed and completely integrated into information systems, which quickly pervade every aspect of business procedures and become the key factor of sustaining competitive advantage in the real world environment. In order to compete and succeed, we identify, analyze, and find ways to deal with the implementation problems in introducing information systems in the corporate enterprise.

The most effective and efficient way to attack these problems is through the planning and control process. We first discuss the relation between information systems and corporate enterprise by looking into the impact of information systems on today's business. By investigating the implementation of information systems, we develop an analysis of information system stages of growth to build a framework to facilitate a discussion and understanding of currently existing problems and to prepare ourselves to face the up-coming challenges.

The tremendous impact of information systems entails the adequate planning and control process in today's business operations. We realize that the planning and control process is critical for success in implementing information systems, and, in order to facilitate the planning and control process, we establish a better understanding of the use of information systems and the effect of new technology. We further plan the effective use of information systems by considering technical, economic, and operational feasibility and investigate changes involved in the adoption of new technology in the organization. Our effort is to make sense of today's great changes and to think more strategically.

Eventually, we carry forward the planning process and focus on the control process of managing the impact of information systems on business and people. We look at how changes affect people and organizations, and how we can better control these factors that determine whether or not we can successfully implement our information systems.

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