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Performance appraisal is recognized as an important element of the jobs of managers and supervisors. It can provide significant help in meeting department and company objectives. It is valuable in the development of subordinates.

Over the past quarter century the purposes of performance appraisal have shifted. Before 1960, performance appraisals were most commonly used as control or administrative tools, supporting the activities of management. Since then they have been used increasingly for personnel development and for planning purposes.

The objective to continually measure performance based on observation has been difficult without the use of criteria based performance systems. Unfortunately the norm for hospital performance appraisal systems has been all too general in the past. It is indeed a fact that health care quality service is sometimes a vague area to measure. Even more evident is the lack of understanding on the supervisor's part as to what and how to measure what is observed. With the onset of tight cost controls on hospitals in the last several years, the foodservice department has had to recognize the need for a system to rate employees in a fair and concise manner while continuing to meet department objectives.

A review of what is currently being used to evaluate foodservice employees in some St. Louis area hospitals will provide a better understanding of what is or is not being done to provide for an efficient system. The sophistication of these systems will vary for each institution.

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