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Stocks, ESOP, Takeover, Corporate Raiding, Employee Stock Ownership


At a time when corporate acquisitions are on the rise, the need for strategic defenses are indeed on the minds of corporate executives. In an effort to gain insight on this subject, I have reviewed books and journal articles. It is my goal to develop a thesis concerning defense strategies which would assist targeted companies from hostile takeover attempts. During my research, I was able to narrow my focus on two specific defense tactics. The use of Shark Repellent tactics and the Employee Stock Ownership plan as defenses for hostile takeovers.

To obtain my goal, my thesis consists of three separate areas. The first being background information about corporate acquisitions, what they are, and how they are achieved. The second part focuses on shark repellent tactics. They are called shark repellents, because the failing company falls prey to the devouring company holding or acquiring its shares of stock. The third area of my thesis consists of a discussion of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The ESOP allows the workers to receive benefits by getting them to own stock shares in their own company. This area of the paper would also give insight to the rationales behind ESOPs basic defense plan.

These three major aspects have allowed me the opportunity to develop a strong platform in which to approach defense strategies which could assist companies from hostile takeovers. The books and journals I have selected guided me with reliable information which aided my research.

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