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Many products and services require personal selling. That personal touch is provided by the sales clerk in a department store, the waiter in the restaurant, and the salesperson in your office. Inside salespeople however, cannot afford to wait for the customer and the traveling salesperson is expensive to support.

Companies are finding that costs can be reduced and the salesperson's efficiency increased by keeping him off the road traveling and in front of the customer selling. Yet, those same companies, in their austerity programs, are reducing the number of salespeople and, in turn, increasing the geographical size of each territory.

Expanding the geographical territory increases travel time and expense, while reducing salesman to customer contact time. This results in the antithesis of the objective. The paradox of increasing work load versus efficiency, and expense reduction has left may firms in a quandary.

The research and analysis undertaken will be directed toward the following concerns:

1. Establish a common language for the discussion and understanding of telemarketing.

2. Establish a need for the use of telemarketing by any sales organization based on historical trends and current objectives of sales management.

3. Review of existing telemarketing equipment, techniques, and applications to show how they can be used to augment sales for the tire industry.

4. Present the requirements and the ethical considerations for implementing any telemarketing program.

5. Distinguish between the concepts of telemarketing and teleselling.

6. Discuss future opportunities for telemarketing.

The complexities found in today's business dictate the consideration of telemarketing. When implemented properly it becomes the manager's dream come true: Increased sales with higher profit margins and lower operating expenses.

This thesis attempts to show how that innovative dream can come true for all sales organizations.

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