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The Printing Industry in.the United States is faced with many severe problems. Technological advancements in output of equipment have increased tremendously. Printing presses of today have outputs twenty-five percent greater than those made only five years ago. The increased production speeds continue to spur industry capacity growth rates at six to seven percent annually. This in itself would not seem to be a problem. The real problem stems from average industry annual sales growth rates of only three to four percent. The end results, or problem, is industry over capacity. This over capacity continues to fuel fierce price competition in the industry. The intense competition combined with the high costs of equipment acquisition and potential electronic threats to demand, will greatly reshape the printing industry in the years to come. Profits for printing firms will become more difficult to obtain and threaten an industry whose average return on investments are already becoming too low to ensure the financial resources needed for survival.

The analysis of one such company, Five Star Printing, a St. Louis Based commercial web offset printer, reflects the plight of the industry. This company's guest for increased profits and sales growth, and expanding its operations are examined through the strategic marketing planning process. Analysis of industry and company forecasts are outlined to determine how the company goals are to be achieved. Methods of successfully achieving sales, profits and expansion objectives are highlighted in the formulation of a strategic marketing plan for the company.

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