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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


National Steel, Nippon Kokan, United States, Asia, Industry, Innovative Labor Pact


This thesis research examines the major changes in the steel operations of National Steel Corporation with respect to improved technology and managerial style since the merger between Nippon Kokan and National Steel Corporation in April 1984.

A number of technological issues and their relationship to the potential vitality of the U.S. economy in the steel industry will be examined.

The research will concentrate on (1) technology and its effect on trade between the United States and other countries; (2) relationships between technological innovations and U.S. productivity and competitiveness in world trade; and (3) impacts of technology and trade on U.S. levels of employment. The study will identify global shifts of industrial technological capacity on a sector by sector basis; related those shifts in international competitive industrial advantage to technological shifts and other factors, and assess future prospects for future technological change and industrial development. This study will include a brief historical description of the steel industry in the United States and an assessment of the dynamic changes that have been occurring and those that are anticipated in the next decade.

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