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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


Rolling mill, Furnace, Microprocessors, Beam furnaces, Reheat furnaces


Raw material temperature is critically important as that material enters a steel bar products rolling mill. To illustrate this concept a background of a rolling mill is provided, including its origination, how it works, and the important part the furnace plays in its operation.

Reasons are given to explain why raw material temperature is critical, how it can present problems in the furnace and on the rolling mill, and what the consequences of these problems are. Different types of furnaces are discussed along with some of their design characteristics. A discussion is presented on the critical furnace temperature and how this furnace temperature is measured. Today's businesses rely heavily on computerization and this paper shows how computers can be used in controlling furnace temperature.

In summation, corrections are suggested which will lead to lower costs, or as it is referred to in the steel industry, more dollars per ton.

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