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In this thesis I would like to present a discussion on some issues of critical importance to the bank executive: Effective Marketing Strategies for Consumer Banking. The research effort has been in the area of Bank Marketing, with special emphasis on marketing strategies for consumer banking.

With the turbulence brought about by deregulation and the consequent intensification of financial industry competition, coupled with soaring operating expenses, it is important to consider options available to banks and savings institutions to improve their bargaining position and efficiently use their resources to increase profits. This changing financial environment of the 1980s has dictated that banks develop and implement alternative marketing strategies.

This research effort therefore is directed towards a methodology for the development and implementation of some effective marketing strategies for consumer banking operations in the United States. The methodology will involve the following aspects:

1. A look into the implications of deregulation to the banking industry.

2. The adoption of the marketing concept in banking.

3. Bank product development and management.

4. The development and implementation of marketing strategies.

5. Bank Market Segmentation: strategies. methods and

6. Promotional activities and community relations programs.

7. Conclusions.

This thesis is meant to be a meaningful research for the serious bank executive and all bankers alike. Anyone reading this thesis should be able to know the importance of strategic marketing to any bank that wants to remain progressive in its operations.

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