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Alcohol is the common every day name for ethyl or grain alcohol. The alcohol that is in drink is ethyl alcohol. Alcohol has been for centuries and there has always been to the good of alcoholic beverages.

During the 1980's and leading into the 1990's, society has changed their perspective on the responsibilities related to the marketing and use of alcohol. Society wants everybody to be responsible in the use of alcohol, and to further enhance that, society wants the alcohol manufacturers to be more responsible in their marketing efforts.

The manufacturers and marketers of alcohol believe that they are and have been responsible in their efforts to sell their products. In today's society, education of alcohol and its effects is in high gear with the as alcohol manufacturers as one of its main teachers. There has been a number of programs designed and implemented to educate society. These programs include "The Buddy System", "Know When To Say When", and Students Against Drunk Driving.

The alcohol beverage industry has, and continues to do their job to educate society to be responsible when they drink. It is now time for society to become the responsible community that it is longing for. Society has come a long way since the 1970's; we are more responsible for our actions and we should continue to responsible.

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