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Business Administration


Yellow Pages, AT&T, directory, advertising, marketing, sales


This examination focuses on the role of marketing for telephone directory advertising. A thorough review of the literature dealing with this topic is examined and presented.

It has been known for years that the telephone directory business had been dominated by one Corporation, AT&T. Before the break-up of the bell system, practically every white and yellow page directory was owned by AT&T and the regional bells. There were a few independents around that offered discounts as well as lower prices for yellow page advertising, but nothing to keep AT&T from their usual price hikes every year because of their dominance in the directory business. But with the breakup, this open the doors for independents to flood the market with directories that has kept bell directories from increasing their rates. The regional bells found out that without the association of being connected with the telephone, AT&T, they were on their own and must fight the battle themselves.

This examination is basically in 3 parts. First, the history of the telephone company, before and after deregulation. Secondly, the marketing role of telephone directory advertising and finally, the future trends of telephone directory advertising.

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