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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


registration, entrepreneur, classifieds, advertising, marketing, sales


To start any business, beside the necessary capital there is an even more important aspect and that is the knowledge and the know how.

As a graduate of Master program in Business Administration and as a entrepreneur who intends to materialize the theoretical knowledge that has gained through the MBA program at Fontbonne college. I have put together a novel and practical procedure for establishing a new mail order business that emphasizes on information and know how.

In preparation of this thesis, I have done an extensive research into various sources. Several organizations and offices were contacted for information such as Small Business Administration, Secretary of State, and IRS. The result is a comprehensive and novel guideline that covers from history and potential of direct marketing to step by step procedure for incorporation without the help of a lawyer to obtaining business license and seller's permits as well as fictitious name registration all with actual addresses and phone numbers in St. Louis city.

In a new mail order business there are few major selling approaches that could be taken. Choosing the proper approach is critical in the future success of the business. In addition, there are concepts such as Back end and Copy Cat principle that are keys to a rapidly growing mail order Various and very valuable sources of mail order products and how to obtain money to pay for them is discussed plus a novel method of product evaluation. Break even analysis could be used as a forecasting tool before introducing a new product through the mail.

Novel marketing strategies in regard to advertising methods of mail order business opens a new era for a new mail order operator.

The importance of record keeping is emphasized and various useful forms are created for a most efficient operation.

Finally, New methods of increasing productivity and efficiency are discussed. Methods that in the beginning seem to have nothing in common with direct marketing. However, I show that concepts such as consumer psychology and sensitivity are heart and soul of a successful operation, and of course the application of personal computers.

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