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international, unemployment, foreign markets, labor, training


The Master’s thesis, "An Evaluation of Training and Manpower Planning Efforts Toward Replacing Foreign Workers In Developing Countries,” is a study to evaluate the policies and methods used by the developing countries to combat unemployment.

The first chapter of the thesis provides an overview of the problems that developing countries are facing in the area of manpower development programs. The purpose of this section is to introduce the reader to a variety of the problems faced by different developing countries, one of which is the lack of planning faced by almost all developing countries.

Chapter two of the thesis analyzes specific policies targeted toward unemployment, training, and education in developing countries. These three areas, unemployment, training, and education will be discussed in more depth in chapters three, four, and five.

Chapter three focuses on the problems and causes of unemployment.

Chapter four focuses on the problems of training, the problems inherent in the training systems of specific developing countries, and what can be done to improve the situation.

Chapter five looks into the specific methods and policies that have been used to solve the unemployment problems.

Chapter six looks at the employment and training programs used by developed countries to solve the very problems faced by them. Specifically I examined the programs used by the United States of America. I chose the U.S.A. because there have been more programs implemented and used for experiment than any country in the world.

The last section is the conclusion.'It simply summarizes the causes and sources of the unemployment, and the possible solutions in the developing countries.

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