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POS, microcomputer, cash register, technology, fast food, management, personal computer, PC, employee, cashier


The use of Microcomputer Technology as a Management Tool in the Fast Food Restaurant Industry is an examination of the roles that microcomputer technology plays in restaurant management. The development of advanced Electronic Cash Registers and Point Of Sales Systems based on much of the technology created by the Microcomputer Industry. The microcomputer or Personal Computer (PC) has won wide acceptance from both business and the consumer.

The Fast Food Restaurant Industry is at a cross-roads in that more sophisticated and intelligent machines are available to the restaurant manager. The advances made with the personal computer has many corporations and owner/operators considering whether or not there would be any real advantage in their use. In the St. Louis market the McDonald's® Restaurant Corporation has installed PC's in all of their company owned units, Burger King® has several franchise stores operating with PC's, and two companies, Ponderosa®, Inc., and Taco Bell® are currently testing PC’s in the operations on a District basis. The advantages are still primarily qualitative and not quantitative. The use of the personal computers does not achieve anything that the manager couldn't already without having to undergo the capital expenses involved.

Conversely, in a case study of Ponderosa's evaluation of their personal computer system, definite time can be realized by installing them. The personal computer can in effect be set-up to automate some areas of restaurant operations. It is the author's judgement that getting a personal computer is not the best management tool unless it is fully utilized. The best way to utilize the PC in the restaurant is know how to take the fullest advantage of the PC's capabilities, and allow the restaurant manager to do his job of managing the restaurant.

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