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Business Administration


advertising, business, retail, market, customer


The thesis will focus on the Changing Marketing Strategies in the Department Store Industry. The word strategy will be clarified because strategy has different meaning to different people and the word "policy" is often used interchangeable with strategy but possibly as something quite different relating to the nature of the firms involvement with its environment.

The thesis will define strategy and the overall strategy of any firm's decision on five key aspects, such as (1) Customer Mix, (2) Product Mix, (3) Geographic limits of the Market to be served, (4) Competitive emphasis, and (5) Objectives. The thesis will also determine which strategic direction the companies need to take. Should a company be conscious of the image it wishes to establish and how that image will be perceived publicly?

The thesis will also go into details on why businesses fail and what strategy or strategies cause such failure.

The challenges of managing a successful business today are more complex and difficult than at any other time in recent history. The failure rates of new start-ups as well as of young companies beyond the starting phase are at an all-time high.

Little is known about why businesses fail; Most of the business literature has focused on successful companies. Do companies need to know the causes of failure to businesses? So as to be aware of any costly mistakes.

The thesis will elaborate on issues such as Product/Market courses, Financial inadequacies and an effective management team, which is considered to be very important to businesses.

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