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The manufacturing industry is in a state of constant change with new ideas and technologies developing every day. A great deal of manufacturing professionals are not aware of these changes because they do not attempt to update their educational needs. Today, qualification requirements in manufacturing areas such as planning, requirements, and production, require that the applicant is certified by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). Many employees' are not aware of this certification program or this society.

With the APICS certification, many doors can be opened and made available to a manufacturing professional. The knowledge developed from this program professionally prepares and keeps manufacturing professionals up to date with the industry.

The certification program is an excellent self-assessment tool for professionals who want to measure their own skills, knowledge, and abilities in the various manufacturing processes, technologies, and principles.

There are six areas of interest covered in the certification program: Master Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Capacity Requirements Planning, Production Activity Control, Inventory Management, and Just-in-Time.

Simply by being a member of this organization, you receive benefits such as: professional publications, discounts on more than 250 books, international certification programs, a leading-edge in the manufacturing industry, information on specific industry groups, employment, referral service, and networking opportunities.

A need for my own personal development has captured my interest on this subject and encouraged me to do further research in this area of manufacturing and production technology.

As you read this thesis, an attempt will be made to help the reader understand the areas of production and inventory control in manufacturing with emphasis on APICS and the six major areas covered in the APICS certification program which were mentioned above.

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