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The presented thesis will examine Japanese retailing distribution of the past, present and future. This will be accomplished by examining Japanese culture, historical events, and interelated events and policies between Japan and the United States of America. Chapter one will deal with Japanese retailing and distribution since World War II. Discussed will be the retail distribution system between 1945 - 1970. The Author will show how tradition, culture and attitudes greatly affect the Japanese distribution system, and why Japan had such an agreeable trade policy for that time period. The transition between 1970 and 1980 will discuss the changing markets in Japan as well as the attitude of the government of Japan with relation to retail distribution and the citizens of Japan.The second chapter will discuss Japan in 1980 becoming a world financial leader, technological leader, and a potentially dangerous adversary, and how cultural and government attitudes of Japan were changing. This leads into Chapter three with « the presentation of evolving problems in Japan, and changes in their distribution system. Chapter four discusses how Japan’s prescribed new order, as well as the current developments and potential changes in Japan that may affect Japans future as well as other nations.

I would like to propose that this thesis will present a discussion of the various topics relevant to retail distribution in Japan. This will be accomplished through a thorough review of Retail Distribution in Japan.

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