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This report deals with large corporations interested in changing their autocratic style of management to a more participative style. In today’s competitive world, corporations are constantly searching for ways to maximize utilization of their resources. Until recently, most of the corporations concentrated their efforts on easily measured resources such as plant and equipment. However, corporations are realizing that this may not be enough. Many corporations are now directing their efforts towards their most "untapped" resource-- the minds of their employees. This can be accomplished through the successful implementation of participative management. Both management and labor employees are being asked to offer their input. After all, a corporation is only as good as the employees who work for it.

The Quality Improvement Process (QIP involves a form of participative management. It is unlike Quality Circles in that the QI process involves the formation of teams consisting of both labor and management employees. Quality Circles generally consist of teams of all-labor or all-management employees.

This report analyzes the Quality Improvement Process and propose a methodology for implementing this process in corporations with minimum risk of failure. The methodology will involve three major aspects: first, a breakdown and restructuring of all of the steps in the process, ranging from gathering ideas to presenting a solution; second, a method of training employees to use the process effectively; and finally, a method of effectively promoting the concept of QIP to management and labor employees.

Several references will be made to Union Electric Company and their methodology and implementation strategies used. In addition, specific examples of various case situations at Union Electric Company will be cited.

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