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Business Administration


takeover, stockholders, merger, securities


Acquisitions may take a number of different forms. They may involve acquisitions of a going business, including all or part of a corporation’s assets, or they may involve acquisitions of stock from the stockholders of a corporation. In one acquisition a particular problem area involving either corporate law, tax law, or securities law may be of greater importance or present more difficult problems than the same area in another acquisition.

The first part of this thesis will help clarify and make more understandable the different techniques employed to accomplish acquisitions. In addition, this part includes a general brief description of the basic forms of acquisitions and their advantages and disadvantages to illustrate the possible alternatives available in choosing forms of acquisitions.

Many large corporations which actively engaged in growth through acquisitions make permanent committees responsible for recommendations of purchases or sales of business units. These committees often report directly to the chief executive officer, and, once a recommendation has been approved, these committees have the responsibility of negotiating the details and closing the transaction. Although smaller corporations not actively engaged in making acquisitions may find it impractical to establish groups which are responsible for acquisitions on a permanent basis, such corporations may nevertheless benefit by utilizing techniques employed by permanent committees.

Therefore, the second part of this thesis is the study of techniques employed to consider a particular business unit for purchase or sale.

Finally, the third part of this thesis will summarize the study of this paper.

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