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East Germany, West Germany, Soviet, global, export


The purpose of this paper is to examine and analyze the Unification of Germany and its effects on the German industry and economy. Its implications in the world economy and Europe is also examined.

Chapter 1 of this thesis begins by briefly recreating the most dramatic and significant events of recent times. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent East-West German unification has affected the lives of all Germans and non-Germans alike.

Chapter 2 analyzes the stark differences between the two Germanys in every aspect of life. Upon unification, the evolution of relations in light of these many differences, produces problems, opportunities and challenges to be confronted and overcome along the way.

Chapter 3 is the gist of the thesis and focuses on the issue of united Germany's economic growth and industrialization. The economic aspects are the most demanding but also the most important aspects of German unification.

Today, Germany is faced with a challenging new role in the world: reforming an increasingly uncompetitive economy and paying for the greatly underestimated cost of transforming the eastern Germany economy. Cuts in industrial output and jobs coupled with high wages and inflation all spell economic distress for Germany.

Chapter 4 concludes with united Germany's state of the economy in the long run. With the implementation of successful economic policies combined with profitable investment, Germany's economy will thrive to become one of the great economic powers in the world.

I chose to write this paper because the German economy remains relatively unknown and little understood even as it is becoming a stronger force in the world. After reviewing this paper, the reader will have a better understanding and appreciation of the implications of German unity on the German, European and global economy.

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