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Business Administration


global, banking, exchange, lending


For the last twenty-five years, the international commercial banking industry has grown faster and produced more profits than at any time in history. For most of the last decade, the industry continued to grow and attract new entrants of all sizes each year. In the future, it seems certain that international banking activities will continue to expand.

The development of international banking and the evolution of its structural features reflects a large number of factors connected: the evolution of demands for financial services by borrowers and investors alike, and the spreading of new technologies and techniques. The impact of these general factors has been far from uniform with regard to banks operating in different countries. In addition, the extent of bank participation in foreign business varies considerably in response to different“degrees of sophistication of financial markets and differences in a country's monetary policy, exchange control and fiscal regimes, and differences in competitive conditions between foreign and domestic banking.

The purpose of this thesis is to provide an overall picture of the international banking industry. The information in this thesis is divided into three parts. The first part defines the bank's international business. The second part of this thesis examines the international banking system as it has evolved over the years of banking expansion. The final part presents marketing and credit analysis, and handling problem and workout credits.

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