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import, export, world trade, economy, tarriffs


The global economy has changed tremendously in 1993 due to regional economic integrations represented by European Community and North American Free Trade Area. But the emergence of regional economic blocs in Europe and North America will compel the nations in East Asia to consider how they should react to protect their own national interests, and the new protectionism will cause new trade trade barriers among blocs.

One should not neglect the long-term friendship between Taiwan and the United States. Even though the diplomatic relationship was suspended in 1979, the trade between these two countries became more intimate inversely. Economy in Taiwan has miraculously improved over the past decade. This progress led to an increase of exports to the USA from Taiwan. This effect caused the United States to put pressures on Taiwan through tariffs, exchange rate, and other means in order to balance the trade between two countries, diplomatic intercourse, though, suspended in 1979, the trade relation between these two countries. The similar situation also existed between the USA and other countries.

The problem is not who did right or who did wrong. The important point is that competition exists constantly in the world. i To establish a trade between two countries with mutual benefits, two elements, the understanding of trading conditions involved and mutual help, are essential.

Negotiations might help resolve many conflicting ideas. But, if protectionism is so strongly permeated into the negotiations, the trade barriers are still trade barriers.

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