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NAFTA, minimum wage, benifits, European Common Market


Since the beginning of mankind, not far up on the ladder of human existence trade began between humans. On a very small scale at first, but as humans evolved trade became more complex.

Along with trade came competition among individuals, tribes, and countries. From slavery, to total control of individuals, to work at starvation wages, to child labor, and to forced labor, business resorted to any means imaginable to increase their profits.

The Civil War of the United States began because the agricultural businessmen of the south wanted the relatively free labor of the black slaves to cultivate and process the cotton crops of the south. It seems that since the very beginning of commerce business has had no morals or ethics. Literally anything is considered acceptable in the name of doing business, no matter the harm done to our fellow man.

Society may think that business has evolved into a more humane acting organization, but many of the same things that took place hundreds of years ago are still happening today. In the name of free trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, societies are being torn apart, people are being murdered, beaten and put in prison for years.

The North American Free Trade Agreement is fundamentally a very good idea. The flaw in the agreement is that there is no consideration for the one group of people who makes the agreement work, td express their complaints. Yes, management has a vehicle that is supposed to allow the working person the ability to right any wrongs against them.

NAFTA was conceived by, written by, and pushed though each signatory country by management people. If it is to be a truly good agreement then the workers should have been allowed to have their say in the language of the agreement.

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