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Business Administration


banking, online, marketing, web, network, encryption


Computing technology today lets us create remarkable graphics and digitized sounds like the ones we saw in Jumanji and Toy Story. However, the most amazing technologies are really those available to the common household and businesses. For most businesses, computing and networking technology are quickly becoming an absolute necessity. The Internet itself is a conglomeration of thousands of computer networks utilizing a common set of technical protocols to create a worldwide communications medium. Businesses are the fastest growing segment of the Internet and the World Wide Web has become the fastest growing protocol. Increasingly, businesses are taking a look at their own organizations, structures, and processes in an effort to become more competitive. The Internet is a wonderful tool for engaging in these activities. Doing business on the Internet is a study in transition. As a matter of fact, the Internet is a perfect example of an immature market. Nevertheless, to be successful tomorrow, companies will have to experiment today. It is like training for any kind of sports. An athlete does not go out and run twenty miles the first day. He or she has to loosen up and train gradually. Ultimately, that person will cross the finish line. However, this would not have happened if the training stage was not performed. The same is true of companies that sit on the sidelines and watch others pass by. The bottom line is that the Internet and its business use are in their infancy. The market is immature, as are the tools, competitors, and marketing and business strategies. This means there are many opportunities for companies to come to the Internet and win sizable market shares. The Internet is here to stay and many companies know that. They are there right now doing business on the Information Superhighway.

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