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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


College of Education & Allied Health


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education


deafness, behavior, acceptance, relationships, handicap, confidence


Parents of a preschool deaf child are responsible for the child’s home management. This early home management will largely determine what type of adult the child will become. Parents want their child to be a successful adult. For the deaf child this will mean being able to move freely in society, being able to take care of himself, having many friends, both deaf and hearing, and being able to enjoy life. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to work closely with specialists. Parents depend on them for knowledge of deafness and of what can be done about it. This close alliance between parents and specialists in a home management program will bring about the best over-all development of the child.


Original copy bound in Deaf Education Theses 1968. Manuscript 11 of 14.

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