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Master of Science (MS)


College of Education & Allied Health


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

First Advisor

Carmen Russell

Second Advisor

Gale Rice

Third Advisor

Lynne Shields


Functional, Autism, ASD, assessment, communication, behavior, intervention, alexia, aphasia


The Reading Miscue Inventory (RMI) developed by K. Goodman has been used to analyze oral reading of developing readers for several decades. However, this system has not been utilized with adults with aphasia. Additionally, specific oral reading errors have not been correlated to the different types of alexia with aphasia. Thus, by using the Western Aphasia Battery-Revised, the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Exam-Third Edition reading subtests, and the RMI with stories from the Discourse Comprehension Test, volunteer participants with aphasia will be categorized into alexia types using A. Kertesz’s subtypes. Any reading miscues will then be correlated with the types of alexia.

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