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Group photo of Elderhostel 1980 on the steps of Ryan Hall. Left to right: Row 1: Frances Haase - Peoria, IL, Sister Margaret Eugene Tucker - Fontbonne College, Frances Troemel - St. Louis, Gretchen Vanderschmidt - St. Louis. Row 2: Carl Johnson - Raytown, MO, Rena Powers - Peoria, IL, Mae Hootman - Canton MO, Dorothy Braun - St. Louis. Row 3: Ray Buchan - St. Louis, Estelle Young - St. Louis, Lillian Smack - St. Louis, Esther McIntosh - Enumclaw, WA, Gertrude Greifzu - Baltimore, MY, Nadine Machensy - Des Moines Iowa, Edna Reimann, St. Louis, Rose Brady - St. Louis. Row 4: Manuell Soll - Sun City AZ, Helenjean Soll - Sun City AZ, Joe Hootman, Canton MO, Marian Johnson - Raytown MO, Dorothy Payne, Des Moines Iowa, Irene Jones - Independance MO. Row 5: Carl Greifzu, Baltimore MY, Everett Jones - Independance MO, Kathy Weischhaus, Fontbonne Alum who assisted with the program - Florissant MO.



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