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November 19, 20, 21, 1965


Don Garner



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When the Austrian poet, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, wrote his slightly modified version of the original "Everyman" in 1911, he felt that this "immortal fable" was not in the live possession of the people. Therefore, he said in his prefatory note, "it was here tried again in all modesty to record this fable which is part of all times. Perhaps it has been done for the last time, perhaps it must be rewritten by the contemporary of a future period." Since then a great many dramatists and poets in many zones and of many tongues have realized the moral urgency of pleading with man and have tried to create new versions of this anonymous play in the spirit of their own cataclysmic time, with the dread of man's self-annihilation before their eyes. "Everyman Today" is such a plea.

Walter Sorell

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Everyman Today



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