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András Riedlmayer

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Čaršijska džamijaGradska džamijaTown mosque in PrijedorMarket mosque in Prijedor


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Bosanska Krajina/Western Bosnia

Building Type


Building Use


Historical Period


Additional Construction Details

18th c. (1760; rest. 1904)

Building Setting

completely destroyed

Building Condition

completely destroyed

Damage Description

The Čaršijska mosque is completely destroyed, the site leveled,all building materials removed. The empty site of the destroyed mosque is being usedfor market stalls and for dumping rubbish.Buildings abutting the site are undamaged. Walls facing empty site of the mosque arecovered with layers of graffiti in Serbian, praising warlord Željko Ražnatović Arkan.

Source (Damage Description)

András Riedlmayer, site visit (07/2002), and information andphotos from the Medžlis of the Islamic Community of Prijedor and other sources.

Informant Statement

According to information in the records of the Medžlis of theIslamic Community of Prijedor, the Čaršijska mosque on the main street in Prijedorwas destroyed on 30 May 1992. The mosque was looted and set on fire, burning downthe roof and the mosque’s wooden minaret. Then heavy equipment from the city’sroads department was used to knock down the remains of the mosque’s walls. Therubble of the mosque was taken out of town and dumped in the municipal rubbish tip.

Source (Informant Statement)

Ahmet-efendija Rahmanović, head imam of Prijedor (07/2002), interviewedby András Riedlmayer.

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