Prijedor Photo Collection


Author (Creator)

András Riedlmayer

Alternate Name(s)

Džamija u Kamičanima


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Bosanska Krajina/Western Bosnia

Building Type


Building Use


Historical Period


Additional Construction Details

19th c. (before 1896)

Building Setting

heavily damaged under construction

Building Condition

heavily damaged under construction

Damage Description

In photographs taken at the end of the war, the old stone mosque is heavily damaged, its roof and minaret are gone, its interior is gutted and open to the sky. The massive stone perimeter walls remain standing up to the roofline on two of the four sides, but appear damaged on the side where the minaret stood (to the right of the entrance). The top half of the entrance façade of the mosque has collapsed. In a photograph taken immediately after the end of the war, the perimeter walls appear to be leaning outwards (sign of possible blast damage). The mosque is being rebuilt after the war by returning residents.

Source (Damage Description)

András Riedlmayer (07/2002), based on information and photos from Medžlis of the Islamic Community of Prijedor.

Informant Statement

The mosque in Kamičani, built in the Austro-Hungarian period, was restored on the eve of the war in 1990. According to information in the records of the Medžlis of the Islamic Community of Prijedor, the mosque was destroyed in the summer of 1992. It is now being rebuilt by returning village residents.

Source (Informant Statement)

Ahmet-efendija Rahmanović, head imam in Prijedor (07/2002), interviewed by András Riedlmayer