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We have provided this handbook as a resource for your educational journey here at Fontbonne University. This handbook states proudly and boldly the rights and expectations of members of our community. It is every student’s responsibility to read and to understand the policies and procedures contained within this handbook. These items, along with the academic policies in the Fontbonne University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog, will help you to understand who we are and how we have agreed to interact with one another.


There are some occasions during the course of the year when there are modifications to the policies contained within; normally, these occur after discussion and approval through the appropriate channels, many of which contain student input. At times, this is not possible, and therefore policies stated in the Griffin Scratch and on the Fontbonne University website are subject to modifications at any time, as deemed appropriate by the University. Changes may be implemented without prior notice. Furthermore, unless otherwise specified, such changes will be considered effective immediately. The most current version of Griffin Scratch can be found at


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