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Athol Fugard



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February 2 – February 12, 2012


Deanna Jent



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"It's me and you here tonight. The whole world is me and you. Here! Now!" (Gideon to Martinus, Playland)

Images of war worm their way into our lives in short video clips and images we click through on the web. But outside of television shows and movies, the everyday reality of life as a soldier is something most of us are not familiar with. Gideon has been a soldier in what is referred to as the "African Viet-Nam" - and while he has returned home physically, he's emotionally stuck reliving his actions. Martinus has not been involved in the war - his was a personal battle fought against racism. While released from his prison cell, he remains stuck behind bars of anger that will not budge. What happens when two immovable forces collide? And what can we, 22 years removed from this specific war, removed from the policies of Apartheid, gather from this late-night encounter between Gideon and Martinus? There will be post-show discussions after the matinee performances of Playland, and I invite you to stay and ponder these questions with us. Or join the conversation on our website blog. Or send me an email. I'd love to hear how this play speaks to you.

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