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November 18 – December 11, 2011


John-Michael Tebelak



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Over 700,000 people “like” Jesus on Facebook.

Jesus_M_Christ has 355,583 Twitter followers.

Makes 12 disciples look like a little bit of not much!

The first two are evidence of community with a small “c” — a pleasant superficial sense of belonging. The last one is a more authentic Community — an evolving relationship that honestly confronts adversity and diversity while maintaining a commitment to the group’s shared values and goals.

(The first kind is way easier.)

GODSPELL is, according to Stephen Schwartz, about the formation and continuation of a community. It focuses on the decisions made by individuals who become “the tribe” – their struggle to join, their understanding of the stories, and their choice at the end of the play to “remain fused as a community, ready and able to carry forth the lessons they have learned.”

As our ability to “friend” more and more people grows, as we’re able to learn about and participate in a variety of “community” discussions, the question that nags me is whether breadth and depth can co-exist? Are we trading easy status updates for difficult dialogue? And ultimately, do our words lead to action?

“Anything you did not do for one of my brothers here, however humble, you did not do for me.” Matthew 25:45

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